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Compare Prices On Water Heaters

Water Heater Prices

Water heater prices vary significantly across hot water heater types. Water Heater HQ likes to compare the price of water heaters in terms of up-front cost as well as operational costs. There are those who suggest spending more right now so that down the road you will save huge on your monthly costs. But if you look at water heater pricing, some units can cost as much as 3 times others yet only save you a few dollars a month. Effectively you will need to keep the unit for 15-20 years to realize your savings and most water heater units only last that long anyways.

Water Heater Costs

Below are some of the most common units you will find. The water heater costs are broken out into upfront, monthly, and estimated maintenance costs. Maintenance is categorized into 3 general categories; low, medium, and high. This is due to the fact that many extenuating circumstances can lead to higher maintenance costs for any of the units. The cost is simply categorized generally to give you an idea of what water heater repair or maintenance will range.

Hot Water Heater TypeUpfront CostMonthly CostMaintenance Fees
Tankless Water Heater (Gas) $850 - $1500 $10-$15 High
Tankless Water Heater (Electric) $400 -$900 $20-$25 High
Gas Water Heater $400-$700 $15-$20 Low
Electric Water Heater $200-$400 $25-$30 Medium

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