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Water Heater Repair

Water heater repair and service is a crucial part of keeping your unit running well for its entire lifespan. Hot water repair by Water Heater HQ has local qualified contractors to fix water heaters across the US. From gas water heater repair to tankless water heater repair, we've got you covered.

Water Heater Repair FAQ

Take a look at the following questions before you request service for a water heater repair.

Should I repair my water heater or replace it?

This is a more complicated question than it appears at first. The overall condition of your unit is going to determine whether water heater repair or weater heater replacement is the best fit. If the fix is small to medium in expense terms, go ahead and get the repair made. The only exception being if your heater is less than two years from the manufacturers warranty, then we would recommend getting it replaced instead.

Can I fix it myself?

We always recommend seeking the advice from a professional before making any repairs. Often times consulatations are free, so might as well get there opinion and decide if its something you might be able to repair. Obviously if its just a pilot light that is out you can repair it on your own, but a leaky valve or hose is a different issue.

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Compare Prices On Water Heater Repairs

What are common signs of a water heater that needs fixing?

  • Water not heating up all the way. This is often times to a problematic gas valve or burner.
  • Water gets hot but not for very long.
  • Water has a pungent smell to it.
  • Rust colored water.
  • Water has debris in it (usually plastic pieces from your dip tube)
  • Appearance of any leads underneath the water heater
  • Pipes make noise such as knocking or pinging or louder banging can be heard

Are consultations free?

Generally speaking to have a water heater repair specialist come out and asses your water heater will have a fee. Sometimes free in-home visits are offered depending on your area. Regardless, if you do have your unit repaired then the in-home visit fee will be included in the cost of the repairs.

Which water heater brands do you repair

Our contractors service all major brands of water and almost any model type, from electric to tankless water heaters.

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